Blacktown Workers have had a long standing history within the Sydney Major League.

Blacktown Workers are Current State League Champions in Under 18s

Congratulations to the following players selected to defend our 2014/15 State League Under 18 Championship

Ben Nicholson
John Hall-Walsh
Kyle Glogoski *
Mitchell Driver *
Daniel Howett *
James Sammes
Logan Gladdish *
Luke Passmore *
Mario Sala-Tabbouch *
James Roberti
Chris Thebridge
Alessandro Minervini *
Rudy Hurata
Nick Martin *
Liam Doolan

* Denotes Rookie

Spring training continues Tuesday at 7pm

The Following players have been invited to train with the State League Program for 2015/16 as part of the Under 18s Futures Program;

Sam Xotta
Daniel Cunningham
Aaron Charity
Ayden Denver
Matthew Sultana

Further players may be added after the Under 17s Selections