Baseball NSW: Dingo World Series

Baseball NSW is pleased to announce it will send teams to the Dingo World Series again for the upcoming tournament. Based on the success of last year’s tournament BNSW is glad to be involved again with what is a great baseball experience.
The following adjustments have been made to the tournament for the coming year:
  •  The new dates are: Teams arrive December 27, 2015 and depart January 4, 2016.
  •  The age group for the Dingo World Series has been adjusted to 14 years and under. Players born in 2000 or later are eligible for this year’s event
  •  Super Regional Tournament Bracket will be added. This is targeted towards players or teams from regions that have missed qualification to the "International Championship". This is a great opportunity for players and teams who don't normally get the chance to experience tournament play baseball. Teams participating in this event will share all the experiences of the Dingo World Series.
Please note- With the crossover of age group for U16’s, players who trial for and are selected in NSW, NSW Country Under 16 State teams or are picked up as friendship players for Territories will receive a full refund from DWS and will be replaced by reserve players as necessary.
Based on last years tournament Baseball NSW would anticipate entering three (3) teams into the Dingo World Series for this coming program; two for the International Bracket and 1 into the Super regional. Playing numbers and standard will ultimately determine the amount of teams and breakdown. Team playing cohort will be split based on geographical areas and positional requirements.
The tournament preparation schedule will be a combination of team based trainings as well as DWS group trainings. These training sessions will be determined and communicated once the final teams have been determined. Geographical considerations will be taking into account when scheduling team preparation activities.
The price of the tournament is $2,300 per player and includes many features. Features are listed in the information document below. Please note that this levy does not include travel to the DWS. This allows freedom of travel for each individual player and their families.
Further information about the Dingo World Series can be found at this link-
More Information
Baseball NSW would like to invite Expressions of Interest from players and coaches who would like to be considered for this year’s tournament;
  • Players will be required to attend at least one of the scheduled trials listed below. Considering this event is open to all NSW members we recognise that some players will be travelling from a long distance away-
  • 24 August, 2015- 530 check in- Blacktown International Sportspark
  • 26 August, 2015- 530 check in- Blacktown International Sportspark
  • 2 September, 2015- 530 check in- Blacktown International Sportspark (if required)
  • Players will need to pay a deposit to DWS upon final selection to the team and meet the financial obligations prior travelling to the DWS
  • Players must meet the age group qualifications of 14 and under (born in 2000 or later)
  • Online registration will close Wednesday 19 August, 2015
  • Online registration is mandatory and can be completed here-
  • Must be currently accredited coaches
  • Must have a current working with children check
  • Must be willing to work within the BNSW staff requirement for the DWS
  • Expressions of interest close Monday 17 August, 2015
  • Must express interest via online registration form. Please ensure you submit form until it has been accepted. Form is located here-